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Water Rats Theatre, London (05 Feb 2005) Club Velocity

Water Rats Theatre, London
Date: 05 Feb 2005
Price: £6
Publisher: Club Velocity

Track Listing
  1. Drugs Again (noooooooooo!)
  2. SBC
  3. Reflections of You
  4. Tidal Wave
  5. I'm Gonna Take Your Breath Away
  6. What Goes On
  7. All By Myself
  8. Loves Not a Fire
  9. Another Love
  10. Shame
  11. Real Surreal
  12. Revisited no.3
  13. (I Want to) Kill Somebody

  • S*M*A*S*H Headliner
    Plus The Souls / Aluminum Babe / Rebus
    Setlist and photographs by Clare

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      Posted Feb 6, 2016, 9:41 AM by Vu Nguyen
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    Water Rats, London (05 Feb 2005)
    Supporting The Souls

    N*E*W*S Water Rats Review by Nick Jackson

    February 06, 2005 09:45 am
     From F*O*R*U*M
    Water Rats. 05-02-05
    Nick Jackson (vino boy.) posted 2/6/05 11:42 AM

    S*M*A*S*H took the stage at 10pm sharp last night & played an absolute blinder.

    The guys down the front summed up the atmosphere with full on bundling, stage diving, monitor stumbling and sky diving for the full set. Not since the auditions for 'Trainspotting' have a more dubious crowd seen in one room.

    Who was the 'guest' vocalist on (I want to) Kill Somebody?

    Maybe he got his specs bust during the bundling and maybe he only managed to get about 6 inches up in the air for the skydiving..... but if he lost some teeth and a fair amount of weight, enter the next Shane McGowan.

    Salv said that maybe the band should have listened to Ed and got some rehearsals in. Judging by last night's performance I reckon that rehearsals are superfluous to requirements. However maybe if Salv wants to take his top off again he should lift a few more bags of sugar before the next gig.

    Looking forward to the Metro on 19-02-05.

    S*M*A*S*H are B*A*C*K- S*M*A*S*H are B*A*D (and I don't mean Big Audio Dynamite.

    El Vino.

    Sid The Slayer posted 2/6/05 2:56

    Yeah! Cheers for anyone/everyone who came down to the Water Rats last night. A huge result I reckon. Maybe will do it all over again. It is finally becoming fun putting on gigs!! Legendary music producer John Hanti was at the gig-he has worked with everyone from Bad Brains to Destinys Child! He loved it. Guest vocalist is one of our hardcore. Comes to every show. He goes by the name of Monkey Bob. Why do we have so many silly names??? Anyway cheers again. Check out our new vamped website for regular updates www.velocityrecordings.com

    N*E*W*S Water Rats Review

    February 06, 2005 04:54 am
     From Clare (email)
    It was great to see S*M*A*S*H headlining again & playing a full set. A good turnout at The Water Rats (nice one Sid!), lots of familiar faces & nice to meet a few new ones too. There were quite a few people jumping around at the front & even some stage 'lifting' (you had to be there really!), which was very amusing!! The boys played well & "proved that they still have it"!. The show ended with a great version of Kill Somebody, with guest vocals from a fan who climbed onto the stage & hijacked Salv's microphone!!!

    The Water Rats setlist:-

    1. Drugs Again (noooooooooo!)
    2. SBC
    3. Reflections of You
    4. Tidal Wave
    5. I'm Gonna Take Your Breath Away
    6. What Goes On
    7. All By Myself
    8. Loves Not a Fire
    9. Another Love
    10. Shame
    11. Real Surreal
    12. Revisited no.3
    13. (I Want to) Kill Somebody

    ED at The Water Rats Theatre - Kings Cross, London (05 Feb 2005), photo by Clare (email)

    SALV at The Water Rats Theatre - Kings Cross, London (05 Feb 2005), photo by Clare (email)
    N*E*W*S The Souls Live on the Radio

    January 15, 2005 11:51 pm
     From F*O*R*U*M
    Sid The Slayer Abuse posted 1/15/05 4:07 PM

    I am sure that if you coming to the Feb 5th gig that you might wanna check out the Souls who are main support-well you can check out their live set from Oct 9th at the Water Rats all this month on www.flatfourradio.co.uk

    Feb 5th is looking like it is going to be a fudging mental evening! Well hopefully..... spread the word!!!

    N*E*W*S Water Rats Poster

    January 01, 2005 02:44 pm
     From Sid

    Water Rats, London (05 Feb 2005)
    Supporting The Souls
    Click on image to see larger view:

    N*E*W*S Water Rats Supporting Bands

    December 24, 2004 09:29 am
     From Vu (email)
    If you're going to the Water Rats Theatre in London and don't know who the supports are, then you're in luck. I have compiled a listing here, based on their respective websites.

    First off, is the Souls, their website is www.thesouls.co.uk.

    NME said of The Souls: "the Souls make this rock&Roll lark seem like the most life affirming thing ever"

    Listen to four MP3 files by registering on www.sgdsolutions.com:

  • Alabama
  • Delta Blues
  • Gansta Gansta
  • Keep Your Eyes on the Money Note: these files are only samples, but they give you an idea of what they sound like.

    The next band is Alumbinum Babe, their website is: www.aluminumbabe.com.

    You can order their EP from Mother West.

    What do Alice Cooper, The Sex Pistols and Swedish kids songs have in common? Ask the "babe" in aluminum babe, Anna , who drew her musical inspiration from these elements in her hometown environment in Stockholm, Sweden. Her band is bi-continental, and is making its mark on New York City and Sweden with its aggressive punk rock that's buttered up with coy pop edges. Simple, direct and passionate, aluminum babe's songs and no-bullshit spirit breathe life into the punk rock genre like it hasn't seen since the original days of the Ramones and early Blondie. Declares the New York Press, "Finally someone combines bubble pop hooks with raw punk power without sounding like anyone else".

    [ Read more on www.aluminumbabe.com ]

    They have full-length songs on their website:

  • Oh yeah
  • Billy
  • Dream dancing
  • I don't wanna be loved Check out "Dream Dancing", which is my favorite of the list.

    Here are some information about Rebus: www.rebustheband.co.uk

    There seems to be a huge buzz on this band, and I believe the singer also goes by the name DJ Alex Rebus.


    rebus - Innovative
    Four Piece
    the most influential rock ground that crowthorne has ever producted

    *crowthorn, Berkshire, UK - Home to Broadmore. Hspital of the criminally insane.

  • N*E*W*S Water Rats Flyer

    December 24, 2004 07:35 am
     From F*O*R*U*M
    Flyers for London Feb 5th gig now ready
    Sid 'The Slayer' Abuse posted 12/24/04 10:09 AM

    Flyers for Feb 5th Water Rats gig are now ready if you require some email me yr postal address sidsiddle[a]hotmail.com (email) and I will send u some and if your very lucky-christmas and all-a free cd that are lying around here, gathering dust. Just call me santa! On paper this night looks like being very, very tasty, indeed. The Aluminum Babe album has just landed and it is sounding very cool. They are coming over from NYC. The word is getting out about the mighty WGC three piece are back and very much in action! Failing that purchase advance tickets from www.ticketweb.co.uk. Cheers!! Happy New Year etc etc etc.

    N*E*W*S Advance Tickets for Water Rat On Sale Now

    December 09, 2004 04:22 pm
     From F*O*R*U*M

    Water Rats, London (05 Feb 2005)
    Supporting The Souls
    Advance tickets for Feb 5th now on sale!!
    Sid 'The Slayer' Abuse posted 12/9/04 8:22 PM

    Advance tickets for Feb 5th Club Velocity at the Water Rats Kings X London S*M*A*S*H headline are now on sale www.ticketweb.co.uk £6 Cheers


    The Souls / Aluminum Babe / Rebus
    at Water Rats Theatre
    Saturday, February 5 at 7:30 PM

    N*E*W*S Water Rats Theatre Confirmed

    December 05, 2004 09:46 am
     From F*O*R*U*M
    S*M*A*S*H Water Rats Feb 5th Club Velocity presents
    Sid 'The Slayer' Abuse posted 12/5/04 3:28 PM

    I am very, very happy to confirm (again) that the mighty, mighty S*M*A*S*H will be headling the Water Rats in Kings Cross for Club Velocity on Saturday Feb 5th 2005 with support from the Souls - I personally believe are the best three piece since the mighty mighty S*M*A*S*H back in the day, plus our American brothers and sister Aluminum Babe and local sex kittens Rebus-although they reckon they have never heard the mighty mighty

    S*M*A*S*H-kids!! It should be a fudging great night. I am already excited! It is a great honour to put on the mighty mighty S*M*A*S*H. Spread the word. Tickets will be on sale next few weeks. If you are not washing your hair our Club Velocity Christmas party will be taking palce at the Water Rats in Kings Cross London on December 11th with the Souls headling/Indigo Colony/The Rifles/Off The Radar. Should be sexy!!! £6 on the door advance www.ticketweb.co.uk. Doors 7.30pm. Mr Borrie is threatening to show up. My new mate Rat Scabies was coming but sadly will be playing drums for Neville Staple supporting the Buzzcocks. It should be blast!!

    The Garage on Wednesday was ace!! Got stupidly drunk. Too many old faces buying me drinks. Sorry to anyone I probably insulted or didnt get time to talk to.

    Good to see 80s Matchbox helping the boys out and was that Eddie Dixons or whatever he is called from Art Brut taking notes??? Steve Lamacq had a big grin on his face the whole set! Hooray!! Enough of this nonsense!!!

    N*E*W*S Water Rats Theatre Details

    December 03, 2004 06:45 pm
     From Vu (email)
    Here's some additional information about the venue. Please send me (email) more details about Brighton ! Photographs of the venue (outside) would also be nice if someone can send them to me.


    328 Grays Inn Road
    Kings Cross
    WC1X 8BZ

    Train: Kings Cross (6 mins)
    Tube: Kings Cross (7 mins)

    Enquiries: 0207 336 7326

    05 Feb 2005

    Supporting The Souls

    N*E*W*S New Cross Review

    October 14, 2004 06:44 pm
     From Forum
    Amersham Arms/calling ED and the boys
    Sid 'Abuse' posted 10/14/04 5:03 PM

    Hello S*M*A*S*H world!!! Thought last night in deepest New Cross was top notch. Still a pain to get to, but worth it!! Great to hear the songs live again, esp Lady Love Your Cunt, Kill Somebody, Real Sureel shame NO Tidal Wave or Take Your Breath Away Next time!! Good to ss your back or your serious or just a giigle?? Word has it your releasing a single?? What am I up to... too much... I run a monthly night here in Reading and is going really well... had likes of Bloc Party/New Rhodes/yumiyumi/The Vaults etc etc and do the odd night at the Water Rats in Kings Cross...next one December 11th with THE SOULS/INDIGO COLONY/THE RIFLES/HUNDRED HANDED ED is are not washing your hair yell. THE SOULS are an amazing you'll love them!!! I also run a tiny label with a big heart called Velocity Recordings now onto our 13th release and doing okay but kids don't buy records any more. There is always great music around just have to believe your ears. It is great still creating and NOT just consuming. I am on talking terms with Alan McGee, Rat Scabies and Roger Winslet (father of Kate!!)

    If you wanna play the Water Rats say early 2005 I'll sort it and make sure it is very busy. You have to sooner or later play with The Souls. Nevile Staple rates them! www.thesouls.co.uk or check out my web shop www.vrmerchandise.co.uk here is my email sidsiddle[a]hotmail.com (email)

    Good to see Jim Bob last night too I think in my half drunken chat offered him a gig, too!!! Glad you are all looking well and kicking it!