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Brixton Memories Needed

posted Jan 7, 2015, 1:16 PM by Vu Nguyen

Brixton Academy, London (22 Nov 2008)
Carter the USM
S*M*A*S*H to be mentioned in upcoming Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine mini book by their manager Marc Ollington.  Carter's final date was November 22, 2014.

Details below:


Brixton Memories Needed

Hi there,

I am attempting to write a mini book (about 100 pages or so) about Carter’s fourteen gigs at the Brixton Academy – as we lead up to the 15th and the last one.

The plan is to finish this by late October and publish it right away for a few quid as an ebook. This won’t be a Carter biog (Jim Bob has already brilliantly done that) but instead will focus on some amazing gigs Carter have played at (what I think is) London’s most iconic venue.

The mini book will be the story of what happened at each gig. I’ll look at what tour it was from, where they were in their career at this point and all the bonkers things that happened. I’ll have interviews with key figures like the support bands and the promoters. And even Jim Bob and Fruity themselves will be made to say something.

I also wanted to hear from you lot though. If you have anything interesting to say about any Carter Brixton gig send me an email. I’m after your memories, like one of those dream catchers (or something). How was it as a sixteen year old going for Brixton to the first time to see Carter? How did you feel in 2007 when you heard they were getting back together for another gig? Basically I want to hear about anything to do with Carter and Brixton, and what the gigs have meant to you. I will try and include as many contributions as possible and I’ll give anyone a credit who I use. Get writing is what I say.

So if you have anything to say please message me here on this page.

I have included the list of all the Brixton gigs below to jog your memories.

I really want to finish this so please help me out! For once I will finish something I start…

Marc x


1. 31/03/90 - Support to Birdland with Silverfish & Cud
2. 22/06/91 - Senseless Things + Resque
3. 09/11/91 - Inspiral Carpets + The Family Cat
4. 22/05/92 - Band of Holy Joy + Fabulous
5. 23/05/92 - Sultans of Ping + Frank & Walters
6. 21/12/92 - The Family Cat + Frank & Walters
7. 22/12/92 - The Family Cat + Mucky Pup
8. 22/10/93 - Sultans of Ping + Blink
9. 23/10/93 - Mega City Four + Blade
10. 02/11/07 - Sultans of Ping
11. 22/11/08 - EMF + S*M*A*S*H
12. 14/11/09 - The King Blues + Tim Ten Yen
13. 19/11/11 - Sultans of Ping + Frank & Walters
14. 10/11/12 - Neds Atomic Dustbin + Cud
15. 22/11/14