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Revisited No 5

Revisited No 5
back to where my friend died
not the scene of his ugly suicide
but to where he used to live
just to have him back anything i would give

it must have taken years for the pain inside

i could have helped him if i'd tried
this has happen to me before
i love my friends to come knocking at my door
all they wanted was company
i should have been pleased the friend they chose was me

why am i so blind i cannot see

why am i so blind i cannot see
when people they need me
that was revisited no. 3

flowers by the road 'cos a grieving heart says so
they know it's not time to let go
i know a story
my friend jumped off Welwyn Garden City's Multi Storey

so when i need you
when i need you  please don't ignore me
revisited no. 5
transcribed by vu
lyrics available on Self Abused
© 1994 Virgin Records Ltd, t/a Hut Recordings (under Vernon Yard Recordings) 
  • Update (02/06/2016) Bedford Esquires, Bedfordshire (09 Oct 2015) Pad Presents Green Room, Welwyn Garden City (05 Dec 2015) Debaser The Venue, Derby (05 Feb 2016) Derby Live The Lexington, London (12 Mar 2016) Mute Elephant GIGANTIC INDIE ALL DAYER VOL 3: A BIG, BIG LOVE (28 May 2016) Manchester Academy
    Posted Feb 6, 2016, 9:41 AM by Vu Nguyen
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SELF ABUSED (Sep 1994)