NINGS OF DESIRE (1995) Fierce Panda

Date: 1995
Publisher: Fierce Panda

Track Listing
  1. S*M*A*S*H 'Reflections of You (Insanity Mix)'
  2. Done Lying Down '!$%*X? (Or Something)'
  3. These Animal Men 'Speed King' (TOTP Version)
  4. Credit To The Nation 'Pump Your Fist'
  5. Ash 'Punkboy'
  6. Supergrass 'Odd'
  7. Gorky's Zygotic Mynci 'Eira'
  8. Tribute To Nothing 'Can't Get Up'
  9. The Bluetones 'Slight Return'
  10. Create! 'Nothing Personal'
  11. The Weekenders 'World Of His Own'
  12. The Nubiles 'A Sap's Guide To Rock'n'Roll'
  13. The Flying Medallions 'Riot'
  14. China Drum 'One Way Down'
  15. Joeyfat 'Piecemeal'
  16. Lush 'Love At First Sight'
  17. Solar Race 'Skewiff'
  18. Splendora 'Rat Fink'.

Compilation of bands from the very first five fierce panda EPs. Most of these tracks are different to the songs on the EPs, which wasn't really the idea, but fair play to the groups for their extraordinary generosity anyway. The artwork is straight outta the scalpel'n'Pritt Stick era, ie bobbins but fun. The presence of Ash, Supergrass and The Bluetones will impress your young cousin. For sure.

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    NINGS OF DESIRE (1995)
    Fierce Panda